What We Do

New students are welcome and we can provide training, either in classes or with one to one tuition, for competitive cage fighting, self defence, or part of a fitness program. We also run tournaments for competitors - www.grapplemania.co.uk to compare your skills with other BJJ fighters.

As part of your training, we can provide grading as you progress without any extra fees as Game Fight is dedicated to the progression of its students and we are inspired by the teachings of Master Vinicius Amaral.

Game Fight also has very close ties with the clubs in Rio de Janero; if club members wish to visit Brazil, we can arrange for you to train with our team abroad.

The club has successful professional, semi-pro, and amatuer fighters but also caters for people who just want to train in a friendly environment to regain fitness, loose weight and build self confidence. Our experienced instructors can provide at whatever level you require.

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